CITAR regularly publishes in various books.


Artistic Research Colletion
This collection, coordinated by Nuno Crespo, publishes books around contemporary artists and filmmakers and their artistic processes. Most of the books published in this collection follow the artistic residences or exhibitions that took place in the context of artistic research at CITAR and School of Arts. 

Books Published:

Vasco Araújo: Pathosformel
Org. Nuno Crespo, 2021
CITAR / Documenta

ISBN: 978-989-9006-44-7
Diogo Evangelista: Blind Faith
Org. Nuno Crespo, 2020
CITAR / Documenta
ISBN: 978-989-9006-50-8


Proceedings Collection

Books Published:

Centres and Peripheries in European Jewellery - From Antiquity to the 21st Century
Ed. Gonçalo de Vasconcelos e Sousa, 2021
CITAR / Universidade Católica Editora
eISBN: 978-989-9058-07-1


Books and other publications
Other non-periodical publications edited by CITAR can be consulted on the website of Universidade Católica Editora.