More than Human Empathy · Mariana Pestana

20.06.2022 10:30
Escola das Artes | Sala EA008

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20.06.2022 10:30 More than Human Empathy · Mariana Pestana Link: https:///pt/central-eventos/more-human-empathy-mariana-pestana

Como Chegar / How to Arrive
Universidade Católica Portuguesa - Porto | Sala EA008

Open Class 
More than Human Empathy
Por Mariana Pestana

JUN 20 10H30 – 13H · EA008
Esta sessão pública inaugura o programa da Contemporary Artistic Fabrication Week, um programa do Doutoramento em Ciência, Tecnologia e Arte. A sessão será conduzida por Mariana Pestana, e partirá de reflexões a partir da sua experiência como curadora da 5th Istanbul Design Biennial.

A sessão decorrerá em Inglês.
Acesso: Entrada livre sujeita à lotação da sala.

Mais informação sobre o Programa de Doutoramento


Informação sobre a sessão:
Reflections on the 5th Istanbul Design Biennial 
We live in a time of extreme complexity. Despite going through a serious and undeniable climate crisis, we can't seem to imagine the world any other way. Our ideas of comfort and progress are incompatible with the necessary changes we need to make to overcome this crisis.  How can we re-assess notions of comfort, progress, and development in order to ensure a just future for humanity? What is at stake is a cultural transformation. A transformation that is governed by values like affection, and actions like caring.
Mariana Pestana (1982) is an architect and researcher. PhD in Architecture from Bartlett School of Architecture (2019), she creates cultural programs such as exhibitions, events and installations and among them The Future Starts Here (V&A, 2018) and Eco Visionaries (Maat, Royal Academy and Matadero, 2018-19) or the 5th Istanbul Design Biennial (2020-21). She is co-founder and director of the interdisciplinary studio The Decorators and Guest Assistant Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon.

Contemporary Artistic Fabrication Week
(only for doctoral students)

This program is designed to meet the needs of a student/researcher with a varied profile that normally has artistic work already developed and/or a professional path connected with the research in the area of Science and Technology of the Arts. Taking these aspects into consideration, the program invests in a high-level research profile and aims at providing systematic research capabilities, as well as specialized tools in the field of technologies applied to creation and arts. In this context, the education and training of the PhD intend to involve those who dedicate themselves to critical thinking, history, aesthetics and theory of the arts.

The Contemporary Artistic Fabrication week programme will take place from the 20th to the 23rd of June.
This set of workshops, led by artists and developers with a strong connection to the contemporary artistic practice and curatorship.
By André Rangel · Workshop
By Pierce Warnecke · Workshop