Call for Papers: Ink and Motion #1 International Conference on Animation and Comics

Ink and Motion #1
International Conference on Animation and Comics
23 – 25 Março · Porto, Portugal
Call for papers: 20th December 2021
Keynote Speakers:
Abi Feijó
Michaël Dudok de Wit
More to be confirmed
This conference aims at constituting a pioneering cross-disciplinary platform in Portugal for a fruitful dialogue between the fields of Animation and Comics. Responding to a growing artistic and academic interest in these two media and to the new conceptual, practical and theoretical challenges they pose, we feel the need to provide a space for academics and artists to share ideas about these subjects.
These are very dynamic, and often under recognized areas in the arts, even though they often underlie some of the most successful cinematic productions of our time. As such, they are moving more and more into the mainstream consciousness, and attracting extensive audience and critical acclaim.
We invite your contributions on the following general and more specific subjects, but we are open for other subjects as well that explore Animation and Comic from fresh and innovative perspectives:
  • 2D, 3D and mixed media Animation
  • Experimental Animation and Emerging Formats
  • Subsidiary Animation (in games and interactive media)
  • Genres and Narrative in Animation/Comics
  • Characters in Animation/Comics
  • Sound and speech in Animation/Comics
  • Mainstream vs. Independent Animation/Comics
  • Political and gender issues in Animation/Comics
  • Animation, Comics and Cinematic adaptations 
  • Technological issues and production processes in Animation
  • Uncanny Valley 
  • Aesthetic languages in Animation/Comics - from stylisation to realism
  • Drawing and line in Animation/Comics
  • Colour and lighting  in Animation/Comics
  • Animation History 
  • Contemporary issues in Animation/Comics
  • Animation styles throughout the World
  • Rhythm, pacing and movement in Animation
  • Pop Culture and Animation/Comics
  • Documentary Animation
  • Animation and subversion of norms
  • Animation as language of resistance 
  • (Im)materialities of Animation 
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to studying Animation/Comics
  • Author voice vs Market hegemony in Animation/Comics
  • New modes of spectatorship/readership of Animation/Comics
  • Medium specificity of Animation/Comics