Research and Development

VisualyzART is an I&DT promoted by YDreams, a technological company specialising in Augmented Reality and Natural Interfaces for the user and comprises industrial investigation activities in the fields of science and technology in Computer Sciences, Visual Computing, Ubiquitous Computing, Design, Education and Multimedia.
01/2013 to 12/2014

Contemporary Photography and Territory The photographic image is one of the most thought, discussed, theorized and disseminated images in the world of contemporary art. In this context, Photography is interpreted as a "set of paradoxical images”.

In the last years investigation into the field of network music has focused on the issues raised by spatial distribution and mediation through a technological network for musical performance in real time. So, issues such as streaming quality, sound signal optimisation, latency, capacity and quality of intercontinental networks, among others, have been answered also by the creative needs and problems of musicians and composers, always determined to explore the frontiers of the digital world. Deferred time digital systems have also experienced substantial progress as regards musical composition.

This investigation aims to study, within the context of documentary films, how sound and moving image can, over and above the conflict between the recording of reality and the author’s interpretation, offering the viewer a chance to step back and develop critical thinking about a specific situation. Resorting to video format I will study the role of documentary film in the relationship that exists between the institution as a “micro society”, its representatives and its “occupiers”.
09/2010 to 06/2014

This project proposes as principal goal one artistic work realization based on production and realization of multimedia performance.

Subprojects: The Decorative Arts in Portugal and Brazil (17th-18th C.): sociabilities, forms and ornamentations; Interpretation Centre of Goldsmithery of the North of Portugal; Decorative Arts in Azores

The principal aim of this project is to develop and test a monitoring model for clinical psychological intervention with adolescents using a computer application integrating information from various key informers.
The development of an exploratory project with these characteristics is justified by the difficulty in implementing monitoring strategies in psychological intervention with children and adolescents at multiple moments, with multiple measures and using multiple informers.
01/2014 to 12/2014

The roots of "Narrative and Audiovisual Creation" date to 2013, at the crossing point between the lines of action of Theory of Art and Digital Art. Various aspects of audiovisual narrative are considered, from modes of creation (disruption and linearity, interactivity, omission...), their components (character, structure, visual and aesthetic expression...), to their relation with the social context (narrative as social expression, effects on the public, spectator and interactor...).
09/2013 to 09/2020

Intimacy is by nature internal, where we keep our invisible being. The individual, aware of his opaque body, establishes an idea of frontier. Creating intimacy is the proposal for a transparent body to feel points of contacts and states of complicity – in which the condition of sharing is essential. If we consider the artistic object as a type of frontier, this investigation intends to cross over the surface and interpret it over and above the work. More that the search for new meanings, it is a proposal for an encounter of ideas, bringing together various looks: the creator’s, the viewer’s, etc.
09/2010 to 02/2014

A Computational Auditory Scene Analysis Framework for Sound Segregation in Music Signals (CASA-FCT) Music is built from sound, ultimately resulting from an elaborate interaction between the sound-generating properties of physical objects (i.e. music instruments) and the sound perception abilities of the human auditory system.
04/2011 to 04/2014