Research and Development

This project aims to objectively analyze the gesture of percussion performance and deeply understand its narrative content. Previous research has shown a strong correlation between gesture, sound and musical perception. Investigators concluded that the visual component in musical performance has influence in the communication and relationship between the performers and their audience, interfering on musicality and expressivity. In a communicative character and sensorial contents wise, the music becomes before gesture a complete narrative.

The aim of this project is to provide a clear answer to the needs of singing students and teachers as well as department heads confronted with the need to favour the necessary conditions for functional relationships between singing teachers and students.
The investigation into attachments has acknowledged importance in areas other than psychology (pedagogy, medicine).

This project focuses on the resynthesis of Inharmonique (1977) by Jean-Claude Risset, a mixed electroacoustic work existing as a fixed medium (original tape and its digital recordings). So, as the main aim is to establish a draft version for real-time performance of this work, we also wish to propose reviewing its documentation.

Over the years, interactive filmic narrative has been studied and experimented within various visual media, such as cinema, television and Web, as a way to bring new filmic and interactive experiences to viewers.

Interactive Art Competition iNTERFACES iNTERFACES is an Interactive Art Competition organized by the Research Center for Science and Technology of the Arts (CITAR), whose greater purpose is to value contemporary artistic practice in the areas of digital and interactive arts, thus contributing to further its development.

During the investigation made in the scope of my doctoral thesis (The Process of Omission in the Construction of the Narrative in Documentary Films: Analysis of a Case Study) the first thing done was to establish and define the concept of omission as an essential characteristic in the documentary to represent a historic event, research focused on the rational process of narrative construction, that is, on the intellectual justifications the film maker implements to make decisions about omission and structure with the aim of constructing a narrative and representing an event.

A research project into how the digital revolution affected various aspects of our culture. The cultural aspects to be considered initially are three: we will study the impact on subjectivity, on the status of the image and on art. In the first place we will have to consider the global impact of the digital revolution on these three aspects, and secondly, acknowledge the specificities of the Portuguese context.

Media Arts and Technology (MAT) This research program aims at developing new products and services in the domain of Media Arts and Technology. Expected outcomes will range from knowledge production (high-impact scientific publications and publications in the general media) to innovative prototypes and modular technologies of use to industry as well as end-users.
01/2013 to 07/2015

MOG-T is developing a centralised controlled and simultaneous monitoring system for ingest and playback stations. The aim of this project is to perform studies on the most suitable forms and methodologies for the graphic interface with the user.
12/2012 to 05/2013

This project will design and develop customised video content for site-specific projection both indoors and outdoors: in architectural environments in the public space, virtual scenography of stage shows, live events with interactivity.
01/2013 to 12/2013