Master, Doctorate and Post-Doctorate

Espaços Sonoros - A Escultura Sonora e a Experiência Sónica Com o expandir das cidades e consequente crescimento físico das mesmas, surgiu a necessidade de pensar o estético no espaço público. A arte pública aparece primeiro como geradora e impulsionadora de uma memória colectiva perene, e evolui numa relação centrada no individuo global e efémero.
01/2012 to 09/2015

This project aims to objectively characterize representative performances by experienced pianists in order to determine main influential trends in performance, derived specifically from traditional piano practices referred to as National Piano Schools.
09/2013 to 09/2016

In the study " Psychological Processes of Character Creation", Maria Guilhermina Castro intends to know ways of constructing characters and stimulate the innovation on its creative process, among artists and students.
09/2012 to 09/2020

This research focus on the cognitive processes involved in experience of the photographic image and, more precisely, in the experience of the photographic image as a veridical representation. It will also seek to determine the type of knowledge conveyed by the photographic image as a veridical representation.
09/2008 to 01/2014

This project, in the field of Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art, addresses the question of imagocentrism and deconstruction, a question that approaches the intensity of image, its lines of figuration capability, as well as its disruption points and surfaces as in their relation to representational and visual codes and their articulation in the artwork.
09/2008 to 09/2013

This ongoing project addresses, in a first stage, the question of animality (living human being in his relationship with living not human being) under a wide philosophical perspective in which also the notions of World and Spectrum are considered, in order to build an analytic frame for the research. In a second stage, we will try to extend the research to the onto-aesthetical level of artwork.
01/2014 to 01/2017

The project developed music-mathematical and geometrical models for the conceptualization and analysis of harmonic relations in modally-inflected twentieth-century music (Bartók, Stravinsky, Milhaud, Lutoslawski, among others), a repertoire of high reception appeal, but resistant to current music-analytical models.
06/2011 to 12/2013

This project seeks to explain the peculiar and puzzling features of Liszt’s late piano works (1880-85) — theoretical or analytical, aesthetical or critical — in the light of my cognitive model of harmonic modulation.
09/2009 to 12/2014

Didactics and Pedagogy of Intercultural Music, following a methodology of qualitative analysis, based on the Pedadogical Relation (PR) of Renald Legrende´s Model (2005).
09/2009 to 12/2011

Currently, the public display monitors which we find in places like shopping centres, cafés, universities, hospitals, waiting rooms and even on the street usually broadcast a predefined sequence of content (mostly non-interactive content). In the last years there has been a growing effort of research to make these displays more dynamic and interactive, increasing their attractiveness and consequent value. The result of this effort has produced various types of content and interactive systems for public monitors and more recently applications for public monitors.

09/2013 to 01/2014