Master, Doctorate and Post-Doctorate

New paradigms in the field of interface design and the behaviours of generative systems related with the artistic process must be developed.

Public, digital displays have become increasingly ubiquitous in our technological landscape, but they are still under-exploited. Considering their flexibility and communication potential, public displays can become an important communication channel in the future and even reach the attention, usage and relevance that smartphones have today.
09/2008 to 09/2013

Character Body Expression in 3D Computer Animation: a New Posing Approach (PhD research project) This research concerns the process of animating the 3D character’s body expression and how it is made by the animator. So, the focus of the research is on the animator’s practice, particularly of the Posing phase of the animation process.

This project comprises the artistic creation and theoretical reflection concerning so called mixed music, a musical genre close to Music Computing. The major challenge of mixed music lies, for us, in articulating the musical structures, as shown by the score and the performance, with electroacoustic sound, whether it is generated or transformed by the computer in real or deferred time.
06/2013 to 09/2013

Projecto de Doutoramento - Patterns and Unpredictability: towards an aesthetics of mass participation A work of art's openness to participation is traditionally a focus for thought and debate on the way the participants relate to the artistic process, A recent phenomenon - a formal definition of the work evoking a massive amount of participation - demands that the roles of the participants be reassessed and the effects of this change on the definition of a participation aesthetics in contemporary art be studied.
10/2011 to 09/2014

The work proposed aims to combine classical elements of instrumental performance with a flexible paradigm of discreet and non-discreet representation of sound and music elements. Using the graphic representation of the most widely available instrumental interface, the keyboard, the moveable keys are replaced by a continuous transparent tactile surface placed on a screen.
09/2013 to 09/2014

The Microphone as a Compositional Element: Multiphonics and Upper Bi-tones as Compositional Elements in Writing for Amplified Guitar

This research, centred on musical composition with complex data, is integrated in the area of computer-assisted music. This type of composition is mainly characterised by the use of extra-musical data extracted from various origins as a musical source. For example, using data from stock exchanges, meteorological stations, seismic stations, etc.
03/2011 to 08/2013

The investment component “Commercial Dynamisation Actions” consists in realising eight activities, some of which are repeated throughout one year. Below is an abstract of a piece by Sonia Rodrigues.

George Perle e os ciclos simétricos: Sistematização da teoria e implementação do modelo em PWGL para composição assistida por computador (CAC)