Assistive Real-time Technology in Singing

Grupo de investigacao: 
Computação Musical e Sonora
Investigação e Desenvolvimento
Investigador principal: 
Álvaro Barbosa

This project proposal addresses pedagogy of singing, assessment of the quality of singing and the preventive vocal usage assisted by computers by gathering together institutions, professionals and researchers from three complementary areas: singing pedagogy, engineering/signal processing, and medical/laryngology. The common purpose is to articulate knowledge and know-how from the different disciplines in order to design, implement and validate innovative technologies and methodologies that are useful to singing students, teachers or professionals, namely:(1) new technology-assisted pedagogic methodologies; (2) real-time visual feedback of relevant quality parameters of the singing voice; ( 3) real-time monitoring and assessment of the singing voice with the purpose to prevent voice disorders.The project is financed by Financed by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT)

Atividades e calendario: 

Assistive Real-Time Technology in Singing 2010-2012


Assistive Real-Time Technology in Singing