Created in 2004, CITAR is a Center of Academic Research of School of the Arts - Catholic University of Portugal, that fosters interdisciplinary collaboration and promotes theoretical and applied research in artistic production [REGULATIONS].

The Center expanded its activities in 2007, from the area of Digital Arts to areas as Musical Studies, Theory of Art, or the Study and Conservation of Cultural Heritage. The different research groups, representingmultidisciplinary interests, created a unique academic environment dedicated to the development of interdisciplinary dialogue between art and science.

Since 2015, CITAR presents a new structure composed by 2 research groups:
•    Digital Criativity;
•    Study and Conservation of Cultural Heritage.

Mission statement ‪
What articulates and binds all researchers of CITAR is the Artistic Phenomenon. The Artistic Phenomenon, in its multiplicity of facets – that are currently found besides creation in its most puristic form, also on the side of creation-communication, creation-entertainment, creation-research, creation-identity, creation-spirituality, binding together:

  • those who reflect upon and create thought on Art;
  • those who study its history, past and present; ‪
  • those who critically accompany its mediation and its dissemination; ‪
  • those who promote its curatorship; ‪
  • those who conserve and restore it; ‪
  • those who practice it in a field renewed by Digital Art; ‪
  • those who practice it at the disciplinary crossroads that contemporaneity invites; ‪
  • those who practice it in view of renovating traditional procedures; ‪
  • etc., etc.

It is inevitable that these diverse practices that gravitate around the artistic process are difficult to reconcile, be it because of the diversity of scientific cultures, or because of confronting and diverse methodologies, or even because of specific objectives within each field. This configures an internal tension field that is deliberately proposed and stimulated, as it emerges from the immanent nature of the Artistic Phenomenon.

The main objectives of CITAR are to promote the development and dissemination of knowledge resulting from the scientific and artistic research in the areas of Science and Technology of the Arts, by:

  • Developing activities of scientific and technological research, both theoretical and experimental, in the area of Science and Technology of the Arts;
  • Promoting and supporting advanced training including postgraduate training;
  • Fostering interdisciplinarity, particularly by developing collaborations with other research units;
  • Promoting the dissemination of scientific knowledge in its area of activity, including the publication of articles and organizing events;
  • Promoting mobility between scientific institutions and researchers, nationally and internationally;
  • Promoting the development of projects for the community.

CITAR Board of Directors

  • February 2016
    • Director: Pedro Duarte Pestana
    • Assistant Director: Cristina Alves de Sá
  • January 2014 - January 2016
    • Director: Gonçalo de Vasconcelos e Sousa
    • Assistant Director: José Carlos Frade
    • Assistant Director: Sahra Kunz
  • October 2011 - December 2013
    • Director: Gonçalo de Vasconcelos e Sousa
    • Assistant Director: Laura Castro
    • Assistant Director: Luís Gustavo Martins
  • December 2006 - September 2011
    • Director: Joaquim Azevedo
    • Sub-Director: Luís Teixeira
  • January 2006 - November 2006:
    • Director: Paulo Ferreira-Lopes
    • Sub-Director: Luís Teixeira
  • June 2004 - December 2005:
    • Director: Francisco Carvalho Guerra
    • Sub-Director: Luís Teixeira
    • Executive Sub-Director: Paulo Ferreira-Lopes