Digital Interface of 20th Century Portuguese Art

Research and Development
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The aim of the 20th Century Portuguese Art Digital Interface (IDAPS-20) is to set up an online, free of charge information system on the arts in Portugal in the 20th century. The intention is for the resulting data bank to provide relevant certified information on artists and their output, about art spaces and art chronology, bibliography and other media, making available consultation and search tools so that, in the end, investigators, experts and students who use it may formulate new readings of 20th century Portuguese art.
The main ambition is to contribute to the integration of artistic information systems which are in force or under preparation in Portuguese-speaking countries.


Partners: FCT
Duration: 17 months (on-going)


The first phase of the project is underway, and so far 650 artists have been inventoried, which makes IDAPS-20 one of the most extensive digital deposits in the country, the records currently numbering 435 artists.
Furthermore, in addition to the database of artists active in 20th century Portugal, the project is about to integrate a database on cinematography of the silent movie film producer Invicta Film, recently completed.

Research group: 
Art and Heritage Studies

O projecto Interface Digital da Arte Portuguesa no Século XX (IDAPS-20) tem como objectivo a constituição de um Sistema de Informação sobre as Artes em Portugal no século XX, de acesso livre, em linha. Pretende-se que o repositório de dados daí resultante forneça informação pertinente e certificada sobre artistas e suas produções, sobre espaços de arte e cronologias da Arte e sobre bibliografia e outros media, disponibilizando ferramentas de consulta e de pesquisa de forma a que no final, os investigadores, os especialistas e os estudiosos que vierem a usá-la possam formular novas leituras da Arte Portuguesa do Século XX. A sua maior ambição é contribuir para a integração de sistemas de informação artística em vigor ou em preparação nos países lusófonos.