Cultural/Commercial Animation at Aveiro Sustainability Park

Master, Doctorate and Post-Doctorate
Main researcher: 
Sonia Rodrigues
Team elements (%affectation): 
Doctoral advisor: Dr. Álvaro Barbosa

“Peça Multimédia” by Sónia Rodrigues – Vídeo, desenho, som, instalação e voz” (dois dias em setembro de 2012)
Multimedia Piece by Sónia Rodrigues – Video, drawing, sound, installation and voice (two days in September 2012) – This activity consists in a piece to be performed in 5 strategic points of the Sustainability Park. Here, visitors/residents will be invited to draw and produce sounds that will be integrated in real time in the multimedia piece broadcast on the 10 screens in Largo do Alboi and Largo José Rabumba. The target public of this activity is the general public.

Project objectives: 
 We hope with the development of the above-mentioned activities to expand the attractive features of this area (Largo do Alboi and Largo José Rabumba), increasing the number of potential clients and so create more business. This activity programme mainly seeks to attenuate the effects the works will have on the existing commercial units, to maintain and if possible to create new publics. The multimedia piece aims to develop means and concepts to enable the convergence of the new technologies in performance, and also create films – choreographies integrating the language of film with that of the fine arts, music, dance and choreography. There is also the desire to find art, namely stage art, in the city and to decontextualise it, providing the city as the backcloth to a possible meeting with passersby.
This form of work promotes collaborative and interdisciplinary work in the fields of theatre, music and stage art, and the creative integration of these disciplines with dance.
Exploration and experimentation of creative interactions between technology and performance in the scope of interactivity are the main focus of this proposal, which has a strong wish to see the public’s participation in some of the proposed interactive installations, or else take the public to less usual places in which to come across a piece being performed live.

Research group: 
Visual and Interactive Art

The investment component “Commercial Dynamisation Actions” consists in realising eight activities, some of which are repeated throughout one year. Below is an abstract of a piece by Sonia Rodrigues.