Professor from UC, Berkeley gives workshop on Academic English

“We Tamed the Shrew!”

CITAR’s 2017 kicked off with a workshop on Academic English. On January, 9 and 10 we welcomed Professor Deolinda Adão from UC, Berkeley to instruct us on:

"The Taming of the Shrew - Academic and Professional English for Portuguese Speakers"

As the title suggests, we covered the main topics concerning the difficulties Portuguese-native have when writing or speaking academic English. Our expectations were high: Professor Deolinda Adão has a vast experience on this subject, being herself a Portuguese academic, specialized in linguistics, living in the United States for some decades. Also, the audience’s interest seemed to be high given that the registrations appeared very fast and the course was full in no time. Those expectations were met, to say the least, given the very first reactions and then the formal evaluations of the workshop.

On the first session, we addressed some issues concerning scientific papers and oral communications, trying to start “writing in English instead of writing in Portuguese with English words”. We also tackled some cultural differences (Portugal/USA) which lead to misunderstandings or devaluations of Portuguese science. On the second session, we covered some grammatical issues, particularly those that are more likely to be difficult for Portuguese speakers. We also did some “hands-on” work, by analyzing short English texts written by the audience. We wish we had had more time for this practical work.

We would like to thank the audience for their enthusiasm and Professor Deolinda Adão for sharing her knowledge with such energy.