Digital Creativity

Digital Creativity group carries out projects having a public impact through the production of artistic events and the corresponding cultural programming of artistic performances, concerts, festivals, competitions, exhibitions and the development of interfaces for artistic creation and mediation.

Head of the Research Group


Integrated PhD Researchers

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Álvaro Manuel Mendes Barbosa
Ana Sofia Almeida de Sá Serra Dawa
André Miguel Passos Baltazar
André Rangel Macedo
André Venturoti Perrotta
António de Sousa Dias de Macedo
António João Barrigas Almeida Pereira  
Carlos Ruiz Carmona
Cristina Fernandes Alves de Sá
Daniel Filipe Pinto Moreira  
Daniel Ribas de Almeida
Filomena Antunes Sobral
Hélder Miguel Cardoso Dias
Helena Raquel Fortunato Figueiredo
Henrique Manuel Pereira
Inês Salselas Cabral
João Miguel Magalhães Marcelino Fernandes Cordeiro
Jorge Carlos dos Santos Cardoso
Jorge Miguel Ferrão Palinhos
José António Oliveira Martins
José Miguel Ribeiro-Pereira
José Telmo Rodrigues Marques  
Luís Gustavo Pereira Marques Martins
Luís Miguel Lopes Teixeira
Maria Guilhermina Machado Guimarães Noronha Castro
Maria Yolanda Espiña Campos
Paulo dos Santos Perfeito  
Paulo Jorge Ferreira-Lopes
Pedro Duarte Leal Gomes Pestana
Peter F. E. Beyls  
Sahra Ursula Kunz Gomes
Sofia Inês Ribeiro Lourenço da Fonseca
Vitor Joaquim Paredes Fernandes
Current PhD Students  
Alexandra Serapicos Antunes  
Cristóvão Braz Luiz  
Diana da Silva Graça Cardoso  
Diogo Leichsenring Franco  
Emídio Jorge Buchinho de Oliveira  
Eugénio Manuel de Amorim Resende  
Filipe Jensen Leite Faria  
Henrique Daniel Portovedo Marques  
Jaime Sérgio de Oliveira Neves  
João Domingos Pinho Alves de Sousa  
João Filipe de Sampaio e Castro Pinto  
José Pedro Venâncio Junqueira Guimarães Maia  
José Vasco Barroco Carvalho  
Luís Manuel de Sousa Sarmento Ferreira  
Luís Ricardo Nunes da Costa Monteiro  
Marta Fernanda de Campos Reis  
Miguel Audaciano Ferreira da Silva Campinho  
Nuno Miguel Peixoto de Pinho  
Paulo Belchior dos Santos Dias  
Rita Luzes Torres  
Rui Martins da Cruz  
Slavisa Rupar Lamounier van Lammeren  


Promote a multi and interdisciplinary research environment with a clear focus on creative and original artistic-experimental projects;

Perform innovative, high relevance research in scientific and artistic areas concerning visual and interactive arts, namely digital photography, film, computer animation, interactive and performative installation, interactive devices and tangible interfaces;

Support research and the development of creative and innovative projects in the field of visual and interactive arts;

Promote critical discussion on subjects concerning visual and interactive arts, digital culture, science and technology by publishing articles/essays in renowned national and international journals;

Promote advanced training of human resources, namely through specialized or long-term courses in collaboration with the Digital Creativity Centre at the School of Arts;

Compete for European and national funds for research and development through the participation in research and development projects and consortia;

Promote researchers’ mobility between national and international institutions;

Promote contact and partnerships with national and international non-profit organizations;

Promote artists and industries’ residences through activities in the field of visual and interactive arts and technologies;

Develop projects for the regional, national and international community.

In short, the main aims of this group in the next years (2015/2020) are to consolidate its team of integrated and collaborating researchers, in a prolific discussion about visual and interactive arts in Portugal and abroad, and to promote the creation and production of scientific research projects as a definition of a strategic approach for the challenges faced by these fields of study.



Interactive Art; Visual Art (Cinema & Photography); Digital Culture; Tangible Interfaces